I discovered the TLS Weight Loss solution in June of 2010. I worked with a group of 6 clients and coached them through the 6 week program. Between the 6 of them they lost over 300 pounds.

Below is a quick rundown of the system.

TLS Weight Loss Solutions Overview

TLS Weight Loss Solution was designed to help people improve their health, as well as achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Science Based and experience driven, TLS was developed by a team of Specialists including Doctors, Scientists, Nutritionists, and Fitness Professionals.

It focuses on 3 key components:

1. Healthy Eating Habits – based on the science of Low Glycemic Impact eating – we offer 4 customizable programs.
2. Behavior Modification
Education – Learn key information on a variety of nutritional topics
Journaling – people who journal lose 50% more weight than those who don’t
Stress management – stress disguised in many forms inhibits our ability to lose weight

3. Exercise – Change Body Composition through Strength Training, Cardio & Flexibility

The TLS Weight Loss Solution will:

– Boost and repair your metabolism plus help curb cravings
– Help to maintain steady blood glucose levels – key for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics!
– Teach your body to preferentially target fat loss instead of just weight loss
– Help support a healthy cardiovascular system and cholesterol and triglyceride levels
– Decrease inflammation and may significantly reduce joint pain, improve sleep, and more!
– Teach your body how to stay in fat burning mode

You Will Learn:

– How to eat, NOT how to diet
– How to read labels and the right way to assess “net carbs”
– Healthy alternatives to fast foods and how to successfully eat out
– How some key nutritive supplementation can accelerate your weight loss efforts
– Ways to target fat loss and improve your metabolism through food choices
– The impact of stress and elevated cortisol levels
– How foods impact other areas of your health, including mood, hormones, and disease
– Efficient methods of exercise specific to fat loss and cardiovascular health
– Cooking strategies and new recipe ideas for meals, mini meals, snacks, and foods on the go

Scientific Studies – Published 12 week Study for TLS Weight Loss Solution:

– Yielded loss on average of 14lbs; 4% body fat and 4 inches around the waist
– Program yielded 2x weight loss, 3x waist loss (in inches) over 12 weeks vs. the 1 years results from the other programs    compared
– Body fat loss was statistically significant, where other programs did not measure this
– Scientifically developed nutritional supplements aided participants to lose fat
– Many participants were able to eliminate prescription medication


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